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Here’s what I had to say today at my blog devoted to science news:

…and this is why I once saw an iguana outside my classroom.


Some useful resources

I thought I would start out by posting some of my most useful classroom and planning resources, some of which are in the links menu to the right.  I have been using some of these for a while and some are brand new and I hope to use them more this year.

  • Evernote – I use this to make notes to myself since I am on the computer all the time!  Sometimes I save websites here, but mostly it’s notes about planning and things to do with some web links sprinkled in.


  • Diigo – My current favorite bookmarking site. I use it for myself and my students. I like that you can annotate the bookmarks and mark them to read later as well.


  • LiveBinders – Love to use this for “webquest” type activites.  All the bookmarks are on one page and so far my students find it easy to use.  Some of them can get confused because the websites open up on the LB site- so I have to remind them that when they are citing a source, they have to use the direct link and not the LiveBinder link.


  • Voicethread – Used this in a summer course this year.  You can easily create and post short videos, and I think it will be useful for “video podcast” style assignments.  Another teacher friend says they are great for displaying student powerpoint projects- students can narrate the slides and their peers can comment with audio. I plan to try that!


  • Edublogs – I am going to use blogging for my students instead of paper science journals this year.  Not sure what site I will use, but EduBlogs is nice because it’s oriented towards educators and students don’t need email addresses.


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